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No 1 MOVIES JUDY LONG BEFORE SHE STEPPED INTO the ruby slippers of the Hollywood icon, Renée Zellweger had a special connection to Judy Garland. “My parents were sort of selective about who was celebrated in our house, and she was always there,” th
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Returning Drama Season 15 OCT—10 8 pm • THE CW GOD IS ANGRY. Wrathful, you might say. In Supernatural’s season 14 finale, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) learned that Chuck (the preferred name for the big man upstairs, played by Ro
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PRODIGAL SON’S Michael Sheen
New Drama SEPT—23 9 pm • FOX Michael Sheen, 50, stars as a notorious and prolific serial killer whose son uses his homicidal heritage to help the NYPD solve murder cases. We talked to Sheen about taking on such a deadly serious role. What made yo