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Bizarro Box Office
2020: BAD BOYS FOR LIFE $204,417,855 2019: AVENGERS: ENDGAME $858,373,000 ► All it took for Will Smith to return to the top of the box office (at less than a quarter of last year’s top grosser) was a global pandemic and finally reuniting with Martin
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W. Earl Brown
The Kentucky native, 57, realized a dream journeying to the galaxy far, far away to play a Weequay barkeep. Bonus: a reunion with Deadwood pal Timothy Olyphant. “I didn’t know about Baby Yoda, because I started work the day before the show started st
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The Most Millennial Books of 2020
BY RAVEN LEILANI The must-’gram galley of the spring became the must-read title of the summer among millennials, thanks to an eye-catching cover, a compulsively readable plot—about a struggling book-publishing assistant—and the narrator’s darkly funn