Celebrate a wild New Year


1. Thomas Mountain Cabin


Snowshoe 1.4 miles up gentle Valley Woods Road to the one-room, unheated shelter (first-come, first-serve), where

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8. Pups on Peaks
RIGHT UP UNTIL the moment I blacked out and fell forward, September 12, 2007 had been one of the happiest and most satisfying days of my life. It had long been circled on the calendar as the day Emme and I would attempt a climb of Colorado’s Mt. Yale
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Wine and Dine
MY PHOTOS FROM hiking trips are largely the same: Peak, alpine lake, valley view, maybe the odd sweaty-but-happy group shot. The locales may differ, but the subject matter rarely does. But take a look at my pics from a weeklong trek in the Pyrenees,
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BEST FOR SKI TOURING OUR TAKE Having to pull up your socks during a dayhike is bad enough, but in the middle of a 1,000-vertical-foot climb on skis? Pass. To combat this problem, Le Bent added three silicone strips to the inside of the Le Send’s top