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Super Star Wars Gifts

Ahead of The Last Jedi, these are the geeky gifts you’re looking for.

1. Take to the skies and reenact the saga’s most thrilling battles with one of Propel’s drones (which can reach speeds of over 35

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Oscars Then and Now
ASK ROBERT DE NIRO AND AL PACINO about campaigning for an Oscar, and they laugh—loudly. “It’s a little overexposed,” De Niro, 76, says between chuckles. It’s been a long few months since The Irishman’s September premiere at the New York Film Festival
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THE AVERAGE RUN TIME OF THE Academy Awards edges toward three and a half hours. But they should be as long as The Irishman; honestly, I’d prefer even a five-hour ceremony. It’s Oscar night, man! So then, my first (and only serious) move as executive
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Editor’s Note
HIS DEATH HAS SEEMED CERTAIN ON SO MANY OCCASIONS—by laser beam, by shark. By the end of the last Cold War (he won), and by changing sexual politics (my, that was a close shave). Yet 007 not only keeps escaping liquidation at the hands of SPECTRE age