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UE Blast and Megablast review: One step closer to a perfect portable Alexa speaker

Awesome sound is offset by high price tags and a few missing essential services.
UE Blast and Megablast

The $229 Blast and $299 Megablast are the first Ultimate Ears speakers with Alexa integrated from the start.

Stan Horaczek

When it comes to Bluetooth audio, Ultimate Ears has a rather excellent reputation for making rugged, waterproof speakers with loud, clear sound. The Megablast (and the smaller Blast) uphold that tradition for UE, while also integrating Amazon’s smart assistant, Alexa.

What is it?

The Blast and Megablast are cylindrical Bluetooth speakers roughly the size of a tall boy or an Arizona iced tea can. They’re the same size and have a nearly identical form factor to UE’s Boom 2 and Megaboom 2 speakers, which

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