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World Cat 400dc-x
#3153 The Swiss Army knife is an overused descriptive cliché, but in the case of the World Cat 400DC-X, it fits perfectly. This new catamaran, powered by a pair of Yamaha’s mighty 425 XTO outboards, stands ready to serve its owner in any number of sc
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Blackfin 332 CC
#3154 We cleared the Boca Raton inlet about 10 a.m. on test day. We were in the new Blackfin 332 CC. The Blackfin brand reemerged three years ago, and out of the gate, “Blackfin 2.0” was a success thanks to the comfort, style and fishability of the 2
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BRIG Navigator 610
There’s a theme in European folklore about a magical pair of walking boots that allow the wearer to cover seven leagues (21 miles) at every stride. A friend likes to use that term to describe small boats with outsize capabilities. That’s the feel we