THE OUTRAGES AND ALLEGATIONS FLASH THROUGH my brain like a nasty, ludicrous slide show of twisted male power. Harvey Weinstein and his potted plant. Charlie Rose and his flapping bathrobe. Roy Moore and the cowboy-booted mall trolling he denies. Louis CK and his humid phone. Matt Lauer and his Bond-villain door bolting. Al Franken and his giddy grabs.

I’d like to scrape up some sense of triumph over the fact that

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WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT ... THE LEFT BEHIND ECONOMY Alana Semuels and Malcolm Burnley’s Sept. 2/Sept. 9 cover story on life as a tipped worker on minimum wage inspired readers with experience waiting tables to dish on the realities of the job. Walter V.
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Michael B. Jordan Is More Than A Hero
THE STOREFRONT ENTRANCE OF THE UNDERGROUND Museum, on a busy street in central Los Angeles, is easy to miss. Inside, it feels like somebody’s stylish home: there are shelves lined with books, framed art and baskets of records. The museum was launched
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The Resilience Of Snowflakes
Every September, as the first day of school approaches, I spend a lot of time thinking about darkness. Perhaps other teachers would say the same, jokingly. But I teach a high school course on trauma literature. So the question of darkness—of how much