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Some part of the Milky Way is visible all year round, but ‘Milky Way season’, when the galactic core is visible, spans April to September. It’s the brightest and most interesting part to photograph and is found

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B&W Portrait
The black and white medium and the portrait genre go hand in hand. Often the monochromatic finish is used for more flattering results (it eliminates skin blemishes) and to also reduce distractions. For our monthly shooting challenge, we would like yo
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Sony Alpha 7R III £2,699/$2,798 Proving that you don’t need to sacrifice shooting speed for high resolution, the A7R III can shoot at 10fps, edging ahead of the Nikon Z 7 and beating the D850, albeit with a slightly lower megapixel count. The A7R III is much smaller
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Photo Answers
Can I mix white balances together in a single image when I post-process my raws? Lesley Howe Indeed you can, Lesley – and doing so can sometimes really enhance a shot. As you’ll know, when you decide on the white balance to use in-camera, you have a