LET ‘ ER Buck

Source: We don’t need no stinking edges!

Ever seen real rodeo cowboys ski? With a few exceptions, it ain’t purdy, with more people falling ass-over-teakettle than you see in Tombstone. But that doesn’t stop cowboys from the National Western Stock Show & Rodeo from trading their stirrups for skis every January and sauntering over to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, to compete in the Bud

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Letter of the Month Your intro, “One of Them,” (48.1) brought a tear to my eye and pride to my heart. I was not born “one of them.” But at 18, I went out to become “one of them” without really knowing that was what I was doing or becoming. After ten-
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Don’t Let Go
SLIDING UP TO THE ROPE, it’s hard to miss the utter simplicity before us. A few wheels, some rope, a motor, and a hill above. And of course, gloves. Reaching down to pick up the rope triggers a slight rush of endorphins, and no matter your age, or le
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Freeing The Fall Line
But here on 3,547-foot Baldface, I’m in a flawless midwinter scene: clear skies, warm sun, 22 degrees. Behind me, the mountain’s eastern slope rolls downhill—past Baldface Knob, a subpeak that breaks through the treeline—to the Maine border, just fiv