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Gangsters aside, pirates are perhaps the most romanticised outlaws of them all. And yet the annals of fiction are packed with larcenous sea dogs whose rakish flair is not so much heavily compromised as non-existent. Robert Louis Stevenson’s anti-hero Long John Silver accessorised with a wooden leg and a mouthy psittacine on the shoulder. Captain Hook — although a canny 1991 portrayal by Dustin Hoffman did something to salvage his

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Writer, comedian and social commentator David Smiedt was born in South Africa, lives in Australia, but insists he is yet to grow up anywhere. He is the author of six books (including the wonderfully titled From Russia with Lunch: A Lithuanian Odyssey
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Infant Immortality
by nick scott Admittedly, the red braces and yellow, long-sleeve T-shirt combo wouldn’t cut it at Pitti Uomo. The lemon curd-coloured tux he and the other Griffins wear in the opening song sequence might have some of the more credulous Pitti peacocks
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Dan The Renaissance Man
The first thing I notice as I’m going up Lexington Avenue towards Dapper Dan’s new atelier in Harlem is a billboard saying, ‘Gucci Dapper Dan. Made in Harlem.’ It is a sight that would have been hard to imagine even a couple of years ago. But many th