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Stop tearing The Last Jedi to shreds. It's just a different Star Wars movie

"I'm aware through my own experience that, first of all, the fans are so passionate, they care so deeply — sometimes they care very violently at me on Twitter," Star Wars: The Last Jedi's director Rian Johnson told Business Insider in a one-on-one recently. Johnson was, of course, reacting to the critical backlash that he has been receiving from Star Wars fans across the length and breadth of social media.

It hasn't been easy for Johnson even though The Last Jedi is clearly on course to become one of the year's biggest box office successes. Johnson, on his part, is playing it cool. It's a Star Wars thing you know, and fans - no matter how good a Star Wars movie is - have every reason to be disappointed. No other Hollywood franchise has set a bar as high as Star Wars after all.

jedi-s_122117054926.jpgThe Last Jedi is about today and tomorrow and not so much about yesterday.

That's not to say is totally a lost cause. Fifty five per cent of the audience - according to - has liked it. That should hopefully include some fans as well. Not only does enjoy a bar so high for excellence, numbers - and reviews - now seem to indicate that Star Wars may also be one of Hollywood's most divisive franchises. Like there was ever a doubt about that.

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