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Despite technological advances, our ability to communicate meaningfully is deteriorating, says Fred Dust, a partner at creative consultancy

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A New Mouth-operated Remote Control
Finalist | Best Design APAC, Experimental, Students Augmented Human Lab, University of Auckland CHEWIT ChewIt, a lozenge-size, wireless “intraoral interface,” could offer a new way for people who can’t use their limbs to control their personal tec
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Cheers At The Finish Line
Mirna Valerio would not describe herself as a beer person. The ultra-runner is more of a cabernet sauvignon drinker. But the beer cravings do kick in occasionally—namely, after a long day on the trail. Over the summer, for instance, Valerio competed
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A Portable Air-Powered Nail Gun
Finalist | Best Design APAC Airbow FRAMER The nail gun seems like the perfect invention—just pull a trigger to drive metal into wood—but current models are either tethered to a bulky air compressor or require a mix of butane cells, lithium-ion bat