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Best Spud?

Could this freshfrom- the-earth, vitamin-rich, high-fiber food be contributing to your weight gain? One scientist thinks so.

Or Sugar Shock?

One reason food producers have piled on the sweet stuff in the past few decades: low-fat food tastes so damn terrible.

COUNT CALORIES, SKIP THE FAT: For 40 years, these have been the twin pillars of most mainstream weight loss advice. But according to David Ludwig, M.D., Ph.D., author of the 2016 bestseller Always Hungry?, the best way to lose weight is to do neither. Fat is not the villain, he writes; processed carbohydrates are. And put down the low-fat Twinkies! “For 40 years we gobbled up lowfat foods,” he says, “but they were actually making us fatter because they were filled with processed carbs instead of fat.”

Epidemiological data backs him up: The rise in obesity rates began in the late 1970s, around the same time the U.S. Department of Agriculture began recommending that Americans eat a low-fat diet. After 30 years of scientific research and watching his patients struggle with their weight, Dr. Ludwig decided there had to be a better way to eat.

Perhaps because he is also a professor at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Ludwig can’t resist including pop quizzes in to see if you’re with him so far. “What is the minimum amount of carbohydrate required for long-term survival?” he asks in Mini Quiz #1. The answer, on page 73: Zero. We must have fat and we must have protein, but we

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