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MOST RUNNERS DON’T ENTIRELY UNDERSTAND the concept of endurance, says Chris Hinshaw, endurance coach at norCal Crossfit in the san francisco Bay area. athletes of all levels come to him wondering why they haven’t improved their 5k time

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Topo Athletic Hydroventure 2
PRICE: $140 | TYPE: Trail WEIGHT: 10.8 oz (m), 8.3 oz (w) DROP: 3 mm IF YOU REGULARLY run trails that are wet, you know not to dodge puddles—it just contributes to trail erosion and, eventually, you get wet anyway. Instead, splash through them with t
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The Lab-proven Bra That’s Serious About Support
KYLEENA HARPER WANTED to join her friends. They looked so happy on their runs. And she wanted to feel that way. “I don’t know a single person who runs that’s like, ‘I’m miserable’,” says the 29-year-old marketing writer. Inspired, she download the Co
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The Good And The Bad Of Online Shopping
If the Shop Doesn’t Have Your Size or Color / “I would hope that they’d try to get their stuff from us, but if we don’t have the color they want or the size they want, or we can’t get it in a timely manner, then that’s on us,” Fitzgerald says. If You