Mount pumps level, or with the outlet facing up, to allow air to escape the impeller chamber and prevent air locks.

American Boat and Yacht Council standards require the pump be accessible to remove debris or clean

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Watersports Towing
1. When towing a skier, wakeboarder or tube, what are some good general commonsense rules to abide by concerning your surroundings? A. Maintain a minimum 100 feet of distance from other boaters, docks, shore and other objects in the water. B. Don’t f
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Wellcraft 402 Fisherman
The Wellcraft name evokes the macho aura of the go-fast Scarabs-turned-fishing-kings, a pioneer of performance powerboats morphed into center-console fishability. The Miami International Boat Show was the perfect place to reveal Wellcraft’s latest, t
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Installing A Rub Rail
A rub rail hides the joint between a boat’s deck and hull, thus accentuating the sheerline. On a practical note, it serves as a buffer between the boat and pilings, seawalls and other objects. Hence the name, rub rail. With enough bumps and scrapes,