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India Today Art Awards 2018 honours artists who create, question and comment

To Question. To Protest. To Comment. To Choose. The India Today Art Awards 2018 honoured artists who exercised their creativity to not just create but also to comment on our times.

Like a teenager allowed out for his first party, veteran artist Manu Parekh asked, "Can I bring my friends? I have a lot of friends here." The 78 year old did bring his friends along, but it wasn't just they who cheered as the Bengali speaking Gujarati from Delhi won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the India Today Art Awards 2018, held on December 21 in association with The India Story, an annual four day arts festival in Kolkata. "I spent 10 years of my life here. I came to Kolkata when I was 25 and within a week I became a Calcuttan. Within six months, I was a

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