using your Mac for awhile, you might at times start to feel that your experience is akin to wading through mud. But the thing is, although aging hardware can

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MacLife2 min read
Streets Of Rogue
$19.99 From Matt Dabrowski, Needs Dual–core processor, 4GB memory, a mouse You may be forgiven for looking at Streets Of Rogue and thinking it all looks rather familiar. Pixel art platformers are a dime a dozen these days, but Stre
MacLife3 min read
Find Local Info With Maps
REQUIRES iOS 11 or later YOU WILL LEARN How to find and share cool things in Maps IT WILL TAKE 5 minutes WHEN YOU’RE LOOKING for a place to go, there’s no substitute for local knowledge. And that’s something Apple’s Maps app is absolutely packed with
MacLife1 min read
$3.99 From Scott Ostler and Khoi Vinh, Needs OS X 10.0 or later Apple doesn’t make it easy to open mail or web links in the application of your choice without copying and pasting those links manually. On a Mac you have to have a default