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THIS is one of those photo tricks that The answer is surprisingly simple, and the real skill begins in-camera. To create a seemingly levitating figure, we capture two different but perfectly aligned versions of the scene – one with the person lying draped over a stable support and the other of just the empty scene.

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Camera: Nikon D750 Location: London London-based Serena is a bit of an Instagram whiz, and her strong portfolio of macro shots on the social media platform sealed her selection for participation in this Shootout. Bringing a recently acquired Nikon D7
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What’s The Score With Raw?
One of the fundamental decisions you need to make before you adjust the exposure on your camera, focus the lens and take a photo is to select the file type your pictures will be recorded in. Not only does the file type determine the image quality, yo
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A Frican Good Time
We’d been sat in our Toyota Hilux, still as statues, for five full minutes. Those 300 seconds felt like an eternity, as the elephant paced towards us. We’d come face to face with the bull, blocking our path. We were in his way, so now he was agitated