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Make perfect selections

To combine our fountain and model images here, we need to make an accurate selection of the model in order to separate her from the original background. Photoshop offers a powerful array of selection tools and commands. Some, like the

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How In-body Stabilisation Works
In a camera with IBIS, the sensor ‘floats’, with electromagnets being used to adjust its position when vibrations are detected. Sony, Panasonic and Olympus have been at the forefront of IBIS development, but Nikon and Canon have traditionally used le
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Bring out the best from your captures with our essential guide getting the most from raw files – James Paterson is on hand with 12 pages of expert advice (p42). Shooting in raw is what we definitely recommend if you try any of the all-new projects in
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Practical Photoshop
71 MINUTES OF VIDEO SHOULDER BAG ADVICE How to choose the right bag for you Whenever you see this logo, you can find related content on this issue’s video disc. FILE & VIDEO Download the disc: STEP BY STEP New looks for your phot