Working Mother

I Found Out I Was Probably Going to Develop Cancer, and It Changed My Perspective on Working Motherhood

With up to an 80 percent chance of getting a diagnosis, I had to make some tough decisions.

Jenny Wikoff and family

The BRCA 2 fighter and activist with her supportive family.

Courtesy of Jenny Wikoff

When you're a working mother, you're constantly worried about your family, your job and what effect each one is having on the other. So what happens, then, when you’re suddenly forced to worry about a third thing: yourself?

I am a 38-year-old mother of two boys under 5, and a textbook example of a busy, and a one in three possibility of receiving an ovarian cancer diagnosis. I’m neither a cancer patient nor a survivor. I’m a BRCA 2 “pre-vivor,” undergoing what feels like barbaric measures to proactively protect my life, rather than responding to the illness only after it’s already begun to overtake my body.

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