The insurance check didn’t arrive until after Christmas, but my good friend Chuck Larson figured that was perfect timing. None of his settlement would be siphoned off to give some distant nephew an extra-special holiday. Now Chuck had cash in hand before boat-show season.

“What do you think about a center console boat?” Chuck asked me one January evening as we huddled in the

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Q: Dear Doc, I am thinking of changing my standard wet-cell marine batteries for AGM batteries, but the cost of AGM batteries has me hesitating. What do you recommend? Marie DeLuca St. Petersburg, Florida A: Let me state that there is nothing wrong w
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North Coast 280cc
With the now-complete evolution of the center-console into a form of luxury cruiser, it’s important to remember this type of boat’s original mission statement: to go fishing. North Coast didn’t forget this and designed the 280CC to be a hardcore fish
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BRIG Navigator 610
There’s a theme in European folklore about a magical pair of walking boots that allow the wearer to cover seven leagues (21 miles) at every stride. A friend likes to use that term to describe small boats with outsize capabilities. That’s the feel we