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Here's where your new car lands on the self-driving scale

Most modern rides rank around level 2 of 5 when it comes to automation.

Toyota e-Palette

Toyota e-Palette concept

The Toyota e-Palette concept vehicle, which can include a fully-functional kitchen or retail store, is on a whole other level from today's cars when it comes to automation.


Just about every car on the market here at the beginning of 2018 has both pedals and a steering wheel. That may sound like an obvious statement, but self-driving cars are coming, and GM has already announced a 2019 model year car that won’t have the means for human driving at all. And while total car automation is closer than ever, it’s still years away from replacing our daily drivers on the whole.

Back in 2014, an organization called SAE International released a document called . It sounds like it was named

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