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Amazon Echo Spot: A Perfect Smart Alarm Clock


Amazon Echo Spot


4/5 Stars

PROS Super cute design. Useful display. Supports all Alexa features. 3.5mm output.

CONS Not a powerful speaker. No non-camera option.

The Echo Spot is the perfect bedside companion for anyone in an Alexa-powered home. While it’s expensive at $129.99, the Spot offers a far better experience than using an Echo Dot or a traditional alarm clock to wake up to, and it’ll also find use as a kitchen clock or a monitor for various smart home devices. Although its audio quality isn’t as strong as that of the Amazon Echo and other smart speakers, the Spot is far more versatile, and it’s worthy of our Editors’ Choice.


Waking up to the Echo Spot’s weather forecast can help you decide how to start your day.

The Echo Spot is a tiny globe with a flat

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