Playdead’s Limbo is an absolutely mesmerizing game—a shadowy journey through the wilderness, just a boy and his wits against unseen dangers. And the studio’s new game, , essentially builds upon that same premise. It’s still a side-scrolling game starring an unarmed boy, it’s still a bit bleak-looking, and it still doesn’t feature any dialogue or overt storytelling. But it’s just as marvelous. Inside finds your

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Postbox 7: A Clean, Full-featured Alternative To Apple Mail
Many of us spend more time every day in our email client than in any other piece of software. If you’re in sales, marketing, design, HR, PR, or other professional fields with an “R” in the name, you may have to compose and reply to hundreds of messag
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All The New Ways IOS 13 Protects Your Privacy
When iOS 13 launched this fall, our iPhones and iPads got a huge upgrade. It’s packed with features and performance enhancements. And while things like Dark Mode and Siri enhancements grab our attention, maybe the best features of iOS 13 are all the
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Lumafusion 2.0: More Tracks, Streamlined Ui Beef Up Mobile Video Editor
IPadOS promises to bring improved multitasking, multiple windows from the same app, and support for SMB servers and external drives. That last one is of particular interest to mobile video editors, because it will enable access to video and audio con