Playdead’s Limbo is an absolutely mesmerizing game—a shadowy journey through the wilderness, just a boy and his wits against unseen dangers. And the studio’s new game, , essentially builds upon that same premise. It’s still a side-scrolling game starring an unarmed boy, it’s still a bit bleak-looking, and it still doesn’t feature any dialogue or overt storytelling. But it’s just as marvelous. Inside finds your

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Commander One 2.1: Mac File Manager Now Works With iOS Devices
For average Mac users, the concept of a separate application just to manage files and folders probably sounds like overkill. After all, the Finder is free, baked right into macOS, and does just about everything one could ever want. But file manager a
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Monolith Headphone Amp And DAC With THX AAA Technology: High Value, Minor Flaws
Today’s laptops and smart devices pack lots of performance and high tech. Their audio prowess, however, often leaves something to be desired. The biggest shortcomings typically lie with their onboard amplification and the DACs that convert a digital
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Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3100: Excellent Durability For Athletes, But Plagued By Connection Problems
Plantronics has a reputation for churning out well-made, reliable hands-free Bluetooth communications gear that drivers and corporate IT types adore. Its headphones and earphones, however, tend to fly under the radar of most music lovers. It’s a sham