Casa de Sasha


Pineapple Express

I love oversized sunglasses with lenses the size of dish plates—and these are my Gucci pineapple sunglasses. I know, I know: I

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Casa de Sasha
Best Bargain I’m so sprung on these jeweled slingbacks from Zara, I’d probably jump off a bridge to save them from drowning. They’re glimmery suede perfection, and they work with everything from denim to dressy looks. At $90, they’re also a red-hot d
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The Spokeslizard Behind The Camera.
His constant good cheer, insatiable need to meet people, and natural tenacity all make him perfectly suited to help people find outstanding values on insurance. In fact, the GEICO Gecko explains it best himself. A talking gecko? Why? I’ll tell you wh
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Mother’s Day
FERVENT FANS OF CBS’S LONG-running sitcom Mom—and there are clearly many, based on continuing ratings success, critical kudos, and awards—have their favorites among the show’s quirky episode titles. Consider “Corned Beef and Handcuffs,” in which a ch