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T3 VS F1


When Renault Sport asked us to come to France and test drive an F1 sports car, we couldn’t quite believe it. Did they really mean we’d be behind the wheel of a genuine F1 monster? And did they really mean ‘on our own’? As it turned out, yes we could and yes they did. However, that raised other questions, like who could possibly take on this task (who isn’t too tall to fit in the cockpit)? This was a job for T3.com’s intrepid Editor, Dan Grabham.

The 7am minibus rolled up to my hotel at Le Castellet, around 40km from Marseille in the south of France. Today was the day I drove an F1 car. It was a bleary-eyed start, but I changed into my overalls along with around 10 other willing participants.

We’d be driving Formula Renault 2.0 cars in the morning (think: a step below

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