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The Good Place
Returning Comedy Season 4 SEPT—26 9 PM • NBC WELCOME! EVERYTHING IS FINAL. Just a time-knife’s throw from Ponzu Scheme, the stars of The Good Place have gathered outside a familiar frozen-yogurt shop to film one of their last-ever group scenes. I
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PERFECT HARMONY’S Bradley Whitford
New Comedy SEPT—26 8:30 pm • NBC On Perfect Harmony, Bradley Whitford plays a retired music professor who finds new purpose directing a struggling Kentucky church choir. He recently chatted with EW about the genesis of the surprisingly dark comedy
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LIMETOWN’S Jessica Biel
New Drama OCT—16 FACEBOOK WATCH The actress, 37, stars on this eerie adaptation of the podcast as a radio journalist investigating the disappearance of more than 300 people in a secretive neuroscience research community. When you first listened t