'There Isn't A Just Housing Choice': How We've Enabled The Pains Of Gentrification

Decades of unjust policies have led to the devaluing of lower-income neighborhoods. But urban sociologist John Schlichtman says closing the gap between revaluing and devaluing can minimize inequities.
A recently renovated Mariachi Plaza is pictured in Boyle Heights, Calif., is a Hispanic and low-income neighborhood of Los Angeles that's fighting hard to prevent gentrification, the threat of escalating rents and "washed out" identity. Source: Mark Ralston

Gentrification is no longer something that just happens in low-income neighborhoods. As the phenomenon displaces communities of color, from Inglewood to Washington, D.C., "gentrification" has been co-opted to include food and culture as well. So, what does the loaded term really mean?

According to urban sociologist John Schlichtman, gentrification cannot happen without disinvestment. In the book , Schlichtman and his co-authors, Marc

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