Songs We Love: Mind Over Mirrors, 'Matchstick Grip'

Developed as a multimedia project for the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Mind Over Mirrors' Jamie Fennelly creates a widescreen aura for Bellowing Sun.
Mind Over Mirrors' Bellowing Sun comes out April 6. Source: Saverio Truglia

Jaime Fennelly began as a solo project, but for the last few years his work has been all about expansion. He's gradually added collaborators, and now helms a full-fledged quartet with fellow Chicago of Death Blues. Fennelly's music has expanded, too. What started as a simple mesh of harmonium and synthesizers has grown to incorporate vocals, zither, fiddle and percussion. While each Mind Over Mirrors album has retained Fennelly's core, it's been thrilling to hear how big and wide that sound can become.

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