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Trump’s anti-immigration agenda is doomed to fail, Alert to the rise of ‘race’ scientists, International community must keep pressure on Myanmar, Tempering expectations of Paul Kagame’s African Union leadership, The ongoing struggle of Caribbean economies

Al Jazeera / Doha, QatarTrump’s aggressive anti-immigration agenda is doomed to fail

“ ‘New report from [Department of Homeland Security] [Department of Justice] shows that nearly 3 in 4 individuals convicted in terrorism related charges are foreign born....’ So tweeted US President Donald Trump on ... January 16, 2018...,” writes Rafia Zakaria. “President Trump’s tweet ... was incorrect.... [The report] found that three[H]undreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets to mark Trump’s one-year anniversary in office.... Trump’s aggressive anti-immigration efforts ... are ... doomed to failure.” 

The Guardian / LondonAlert to the rise of ‘race’ scientists and eugenicistsThe Daily Star / Dhaka, BangladeshInternational community must keep pressure on MyanmarDeutsche Welle / Bonn, GermanyTempering expectations of Paul Kagame’s leadership of the African UnionJamaica Observer / Kingston, JamaicaWhat is behind the ongoing struggle of Caribbean economies?

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