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Better Sex with the Latest Tech

I’m as pure as the driven slush. —Tallulah Bankhead

As a Marine, David has spent much of the past five years away from his wife, Penny. They could be nine time zones apart for as long as a month or two. That’s an awful lot of Snapchatting.

They’re hardly alone in their aloneness. Long-haul truckers, oil rig workers, and even athletes and sportswriters feel the strain of separation. But just as ballistic armor and night-vision goggles have changed soldiering, technology has changed sex for long-distance couples. (Actually, night-vision goggles in the bedroom...)

David, 33, and Penny are a living, texting counterargument to the notion that technology only wrecks sex. Sure, smartphones distract us from our mates, dating apps can make it difficult to commit, and Pornhub isn’t sex.

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