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All-in All The Time
Eric Hinman is never not moving. The Denver-based angel investor, content creator, entrepreneur, and two-time Kona Ironman is always working—on his fitness, his portfolio, or both, often simultaneously—and he’s all-in, all the time. In that pursuit,
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Can You Read Me Now?
SEVERAL YEARS AGO, while I was doing final sweeps through a book I’d just written, I began to notice that my eyes were having a hard time speeding through the manuscript. That didn’t really bother me, because the protagonist, a big-wave surfer named
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Promise Us YOU’LL CHECK IN WITH A DOC for These Issues
IF YOU’RE OPTING for convenience over a PCP, you still need some regular screenings. These can spot trouble and help you keep things from getting too serious, just as you get much more out of your car for less money with regular maintenance. You shou