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Problems With Getting Started
Your Mac may have crashed while it was sleeping. Hold the power button until it shuts down with a faint clunk. After a few seconds, power it on again. When you press the power button, is there a startup chime, whirring, lights, a faint glow on the sc
MacLife2 min read
Creating Documents
Wrestling with Pages, Numbers and Keynote? Here are some top tips to help make them easier to use. In System Preferences’ Keyboard pane, tick ‘Show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar.’ — click the icon it adds to the menu bar and choose Show Keyb
MacLife3 min read
Eliminate Spam Emails
REQUIRES Mail for Mac, SpamSieve YOU WILL LEARN How to tame spam and keep your inbox clean automatically IT WILL TAKE 20 minutes FROM A GENEROUS NIGERIAN prince making an unfeasible offer, to fraud warnings from what might be (but isn’t) your bank, s