Love And Blood Quantum: Buy In Or Die Out?

It's a directive many Native Americans hear: Find yourself someone Native, it's about survival.
One thing I know now that I didn't three years ago: If we have kids together someday, it won't be their blood that makes them Wampanoag. Source: Purestock

"It's a question that people have asked me, and that I sometimes wonder about myself," my friend says. "Are you only with him because he's Native?"

She's sitting outside at a picnic table. I can smell the desert and the cigarette smoke through the phone.

"And I guess the answer is that it's not not because he's Native. You know?"

I do know.

She and I were raised by different tribes on reservations 3,000 miles apart. As children, though, we internalized the same directive: Find yourself a Native man. Good

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