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The Case for a Big, Beautiful Military Parade

Few of the troops serving today have experienced the adulation and respect that can come from a major, national-level parade.
Source: Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

President Trump asked the Pentagon “to explore a celebration at which all Americans can show their appreciation” for America’s military, so we might be seeing the first national military parade since 1991. Will it cost millions? Probably. Will there be counter-demonstrations? Sure. Is there a risk of terrorist attacks? Of course. Should it happen? Absolutely, and here’s why.

America’s military has been constantly at war since 9/11, yet it’s been more than 26 years since we’ve had a national military parade honoring those serving—even though doing so has long been an . Ironically, in a country in which , several about having just to honor those who go in harm’s way on behalf of all of us.

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