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Hi clean eaters! I am so excited about this jam-packed issue and I think you will be too. First of all, we’re revealing the top three GOCLEAN45 challenge success stories that were so moving and inspiring, even our very own team who created the Simply Organic-sponsored program were amazed by their success. Three incredible women, Marianne, Michele and Margaret (or the three Ms as we referred to them around the office) underwent such impressive

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Shortcut Solutions
Time flies when using these inventive, efficiency-boosting products. RAPID & REMOTE With the small but mighty Breville Joule Sous Vide, you can be a chef from anywhere with a WiFi connection. Evenly cooked meat, fast and hands-free – what more could
Clean Eating4 min readWellness
Eastern Healing
For many in North America, the term “Ayurveda” isn’t only tough to pronounce – it’s difficult to define. Practiced for millennia in India, Ayurveda (phonetically ai-ur-vey-duh) is one of the oldest forms of medicine in the world. Generally speaking,
Clean Eating3 min readFood & Wine
Skip the Recipe
When planning dinner, most of us select a recipe then run to the store to pick up the ingredients. This works well when you’re cooking a new type of cuisine, using ingredients you’ve never used before or when you need a little guidance. The downside?