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Run safe
ON THE LAST Saturday of June 2019, Bryanna Gondeiro-Petrie left her in-laws’ house in eastern Washington state around 5:30 am and headed down a lightly trafficked road. She needed to get out earlier than normal to squeeze in a quick shakeout run befo
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Inside Knowledge
“How Injuries Helped My Running” p.38 Be relentless. In all aspects of running and life, being willing to put it all out there—and not give up—changes everything. Also: When a run gets tough, I always start repeating mantras. My go-to ones are “I am
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How To Be An Effective Bystander
AIA POLANSKY, 34, says she was running along Boston’s Charles River at 6 am on a summer day when she noticed an approaching runner pulling down his shorts. “At first I thought he was just fixing himself or having a pee emergency,” the personal traine