Source: LOA 14'8" TOP SPEED 26 KNOTSThe Avon eJet RIB uses the same battery as BMW’s i3 series automobiles.

VON’S EJET 14-foot-8-inch RIB, introduced last year at the Cannes Yachting Festival, combines an 80 hp Torqeedo Deep Blue electric motor with a new Avon RIB

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PRIOR TO DEPARTING FROM THE DOCK IN PLYMOUTH, ENGLAND, the captain of our Princess Yachts R35 called out: “If at any time you feel sick during the ride, let me know.” ¶ Forty-five knots later, our R35 and five-person crew were streaking across a rain
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THE SHARROW PROPELLER is reportedly 9 percent to 15 percent more efficient than a standard Wageningen B-Series design. It is also said to deliver faster top-end speeds, greater thrust, higher-performance steering, reduced fuel burn and a smoother rid
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THE BOATS WILL BE THE STARS AT THIS YEAR’S Miami International Boat Show and Miami Yacht Show, which are slated to run concurrently February 13-17. Yes, there will be new exhibits, food vendors and VIP experiences at both shows, but boatbuilders are