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Q&A: If you're under 40 you should be hoping for another stock plunge, says pundit Josh Brown

Josh Brown is not your average Wall Street pundit.

Brown is chief executive of Ritholtz Wealth Management, a financial advisory firm in New York, and his blog, the Reformed Broker, is popular reading for those interested in the financial markets. The blog and his Twitter account are often witty, sarcastic, irreverent and peppered with pop culture.

In recently discussing the correlation between stock and bond prices, for instance, Brown wrote that "correlations are like Kristen Stewart - moody and unfaithful," invoking the "Twilight" actress and her tabloid-fodder love life.

Brown, 40, also has a large social-media presence - his @ReformedBroker has more than 1 million followers on Twitter - and he's on CNBC's "Halftime Report."

He's a big proponent of setting up a diversified, long-term portfolio for investors that helps them avoid being rattled by the markets' daily sudden moves. The Times asked Brown about the stock market's wild ride lately. Here's an excerpt:

Q: What's your overall reaction

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