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Suggested Reading: A Primer for Poets & Readers of Poetry (W. W. Norton, February 2018) by Gregory Orr

The author of a dozen books of poetry as well as three books about poetry, including (University of Georgia Press, 2002), Orr delivers an innovative and accessible guide based on the notion of turning “worlds into words,” using close readings of

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Small Press Points
“Poetry can change your life, and it doesn’t happen on the page; it happens in the rooms and places where poetry connects you to people who change how you are in the world,” says Megan Burns, publisher of Trembling Pillow Press (tremblingpillowpress.
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Keith S. Wilson
You bankrupt the sun, underwaterstatue. Dark galaxy of faults, our beda garden of the littlest sighsof our waking. Our room, abstract.—from “Aubade to Collapsed Star” HOW IT BEGAN: At Callaloo, Gregory Pardlo challenged us to write the hardest poem w
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An Indie Alternative to Amazon?
The past few years have been rocky for Chris Doeblin, owner and cofounder of Book Culture, four beloved independent bookstores in New York City. “Before Amazon we had a viable company. I made a decent living in New York City. We bought an apartment,”