How Lagunitas Brewing Co. came to be.
HOW I GOT STARTED Tony Magee relaxes in the tasting area of the Lagunitas brewery in Petaluma, Calif.

When Tony Magee’s printing business went belly-up in the ’90s, he decided to open a craft brewery, trying his hand at creating new home-brew flavors. Living off credit cards and home-equity loans, he built Lagunitas Brewing Co. into a brand known for its pot-smoking founder and freewheeling pub parties. Lagunitas, now fully owned by Heineken International, had $228 million in annual revenue in 2016, and Magee remains as chairman of the board.

I STUDIED MUSIC composition at Northern Illinois University. I was good, but not great, and I dropped out. I moved to California and in 1987 took a sales position in San Francisco

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