Sunday Puzzle: End Rhymes

NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro and puzzlemaster Will Shortz play this week's puzzle with David Chapus of Rush, N.Y.
Sunday Puzzle Source: NPR

I'm going to give you some crossword clues for six-letter words. The last word in each clue will rhyme with its answer. Ex. Traveling theater group --> TROUPE1. Opposite2. Heavenly body with a ring pattern3. Attire for many sports4. Aimlessly go yonder5. Proceed in a hurry6. Food like cheddars or bries7. One engaged in a medieval fight8. Chatter9. Teammate of Dasher and Prancer10. Sport in which a player might act as a blocker11. Quality of food to savor12. Scream "Eek!"13. One who denies people entry14. Wilbur or Orville of early flight15. Move like a worm16. State capital about 1,700 miles NE of Austin Tonsil --> nostril

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