In recent years, the world has been graced with several Mexican supercars, including the Mastretta MXT and the Vuhl 05, but none have truly), Mexico will soon lay claim to one of the most extreme cars the world has ever seen.

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Unreal Estate
In our last survey of over-the-top real estate for this magazine we noted that $100 million listings, almost unheard of until a few years ago, had become the new benchmark for the ultra rich buyer. Now in the space of less than a year that figure see
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Lion Of The East
In July, when billionaire entrepreneur Sir James Dyson purchased a $32 million Good Class Bungalow, with prime views of the Botanic Gardens in one of Singapore’s most exclusive neighborhoods, it might have been a case of déjà vu for local residents.
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COVER: Puffer jacket, GUESS ($155); Gold and diamond necklace ($47,000), gold and diamond Evil Eye necklace ($7,200), gold and diamond “Faith” Script necklace ($1,255), gold and diamond hoop earrings ($2,445, $860 and $905), SYDNEY EVAN, s