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Source: EYE ERROR Misplaced letters in your DNA could put your vision at risk.GASTROINTESTINAL GLITCH This error could invite a tumor to take hold in your stomach.LUNG TROUBLE T-A instead of C-G here could make lung cancer more likely.BLOOD BLUNDER This genetic mutation endangers red blood cells.

FLAP, WHOOSH, FLAP, WHOOSH. I’m lying on an exam table watching blood pumping through my heart. This footage will serve as one piece of a puzzle being assembled by a team of scientists. How long will I be around? What might cut my life short? How can I stay healthier longer?

This 4D echocardiogram, along with other high-octane imaging tests and a full sequencing of my genes, will be evaluated at Health Nucleus, a clinic run by J. Craig Venter, Ph.D. Back in the 1990s, Venter led the charge to create the first complete map of human genes, or genome. Now he’s proselytizing on gene sequencing and tools for extending human life.

“Data like this gives you a chance to take control of your life,” Venter says as we sit in his expansive office in the La Jolla, California, headquarters of his research enterprise, Human Longevity Inc. “Health care has always been a reactive system; we want to transform it into a predictive system.”

Dressed in a flannel shirt, faded jeans, and running shoes, Venter looks like he should be relaxed. But his brow is furrowed, his eyes locked on mine. His face still turns ruddy when he’s

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