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1. Functional _itness athletes compete in nine workouts, including the WZA Tri: One version is a pair of 1,200-meter runs (on a treadmill!) sandwiched around a 400- meter swim.

This past January, some 30,000 people descended on Miami’s Bayfront Park for an event called

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Family Jewels
MY SON, THEO, is 19 months old, and he has discovered his penis. I’ll place Theo on the changing table, then remove his diaper, and his hands will immediately plummet to his nether regions, where he will poke, prod, and pull with wonderment and glee.
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We’re Having Heart Attacks When?
EIGHT YEARS AGO, when Tyrone Morris was about to close the retail store he managed in Milwaukee, he came to the end of an aisle and found a 9mm pistol pointed at his right temple. “You know what time it is,” the assailant said. “Time to give me all t
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The Mystery Muscle Behind Back Pain
IT WAS A DEADLIFT THIS TIME. There I was on the gym floor, half bent and looking like some sort of sick animal, afraid to stand up. Again. Last time it was moving a couch; before that it was reaching under a car seat; before that it was getting out o