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Source: Beard hair is much thicker than leg hair and requires almost triple the force to cut.Beard hairs grow about 0.4 millimeter every day. But white beard hair grows at more than twice that rate.An average shave is 170 strokes using a multiblade razor.Hydrated beard hair is less stiff; after your beard has had four minutes of contact with water, you need 40 percent less force to cut it. That’s why showering before shaving is a smart idea.Beard hair’s density ranges from 20 to 80 follicles per square centimeter.Early man used shark’s teeth; today’s guys use ultrathin (0.075 millimeter) blades.Moisturized, scrubbed skin ensures better lubrication, so the razor is less likely to snag or burn your skin.

There are really only two good reasons to shave daily—power and sex. One survey found that men with mustaches were less likely to hold management positions. And a study from Gillette and Tinder revealed that clean-shaven men received 37 percent more Tin der matches than their furry rivals.

Yet despite the promise of corporate success and romance, the fact remains that shaving isn’t fun: Only 12 percent of men always make it

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