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That’s all you need to do to convince her to experiment in bed, our survey shows. So take a shot. Threesomes, anal, and public sex are all trending up. (See the next page.) One reason: Premarital playtime lasts longer. The average age for a first marriage is now 29 for men and 27 for women. American society is increasingly open-minded, adds anthropologist Helen Fisher, Ph.D., the author of Anatomy of Love. We’re also healthier and better educated— and educated people tend to be curious. Join the party: At, you and your mate can separately take a sex questionnaire that reveals only the activities you both chose. You can even add your own questions. So she’ll learn of your Gilmore Girls fantasy only if she’s into it too.

61% of women say “just ask” (vs. 48% 10 years ago).


Feeling pressure to perform? Can’t blame you: “Women are beginning to demand good sex,” says Fisher. “They’re not just lying back and thinking of England.” Today’s career women, not dependent on marriage, can be pickier, Fisher says. Plus, men have a natural desire to want to please women in bed. The upside of all this? Satisfy her and

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