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Hammer time

stunt choreographer Cale schultz lifts heavy because it makes everything else in life feel lighter.

meat marketed

Pre brands beef offers its grass-fed, antibiotic-free meat to the protein fiends attending Paleo f(x).

java juice

Josh goldstein pours the kind of strong brew favored by paleolithic types: the appropriately named Caveman Coffee.

WHEN I LEFT MY HOTEL, I HAD JUST A VAGUE IDEA OF WHERE TO find Paleo f(x). But all I had to do was follow the stream of women who looked strong enough to snap my sternum like a potato chip, and bearded men who looked like they would gladly train them to do it.

As a fitness writer, I’m used to being around extraordinarily healthy people. But this wasn’t what I expected to find in Austin, Texas, at the world’s largest gathering of paleo

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