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How to Lose Those 10 Dang Pounds

In Alabama, they’re not just “big boned.” Some two-thirds of adult Alabamians are either overweight or obese. Then there are the complications: Heart of Dixie is the buckle of the CDC’s so-called Diabetes Belt, and it’s also notched a spot in the Stroke Belt, a dubious honor conferred by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Yet there’s

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A CITY CAN’T get “fit” without two kinds of citizens. It needs loads of people like you filling up local parks and speeding along freshly paved bike lanes and generally having a blast outside or in rec centers. But it also needs elected officials act
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HALLASAN, on Jeju Island, is the tallest volcano and mountain in South Korea. Despite its stature, it’s still scalable by nontechnical climbers, though it’s a nine-hour round-trip hike. For those brave enough to reach the summit, there rests a foggy
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Tough Mudders
SHANIAH JONES was 13 the first time she saw people playing rugby. She thought the same thing most Americans think. “It was strange,” she remembers. “I hadn’t even heard of rugby. There’s all these weird rules, you can’t pass forward… but I thought it