Sacred trails the world over help hikers discover deeper truths about the world and themselves. But what truly makes a path transformative? ELISABETH KWAK-HEFFERAN treks a new 170-mile loop in Montana in search of the

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Backpacker4 min read
Lost, Crippled, And Cold
I SHIVERED IN THE DARKNESS, leaning against the barren hillside, my broken leg laid carefully in front of me—positioning my body just like the voices in my head had told me to. They offered advice and encouraging words. Maybe they could help me. “I’m
Backpacker2 min read
Killer Instincts
I was camping in Pennsylvania when a skunk nosed under my tarp. I bolted and it moved on, but it kept coming back. The fourth time, I threw some stones to scare it off—and landed a direct hit, severely maiming it. I knew it wouldn’t survive, so I did
Backpacker14 min read
A Man and His Mountain
SAM WAS LATE. Evening had slipped into night, night had faded into dawn, and the driveway in the Culver City neighborhood of Los Angeles where Sam’s car normally sat remained empty. It wasn’t unusual for Sam to keep odd hours, but his wife Sunny and