All aboard: Party Hikes

IT’S NOT THAT I DON’T LIKE CROWDS. Wait, no, yes, it is—especially in the backcountry, where I go to get away from the hordes, not join them.

Which is to say, it took me

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9. Apple Cider Hikes
ERVING STATE FOREST, MA By November, most of the showstopping fall foliage is gone, and so are the crowds. Take advantage of the solitude on a 4.4-mile loop on the New England Trail’s northern section. From the trailhead on Briggs Street in Erving, h
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Indoor/Outdoor Hiking
From a distance, Llagunes, which we hiked to on day three of our trek, looks like it’s painted red, so colorful are the rocks used to build the village. The 8-mile trail from the riverside town of Sort to Llagunes ascends modestly along a creek, skir
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WARMEST OUR TAKE Winter in the Yukon is no joke, but our tester had the last laugh in even the coldest weather while wearing this hat. With a waxed polyester exterior to repel moisture, lofted synthetic insulation on the interior, and fleece earflaps